miércoles, enero 11, 2012

Never gratuitous

Fatema Ahmed realiza para Prospect Magazine un repaso de los libros más relevantes editados en el Reino Unido durante los últimos tiempos y, por supuesto, recala en la edición inglesa de Opendoor, de Iosi Havilio.

Esto es lo que dice:

«The Argentinian writer Iosi Havilio’s first novel, Open Door, (And Other Stories, £10) is also unafraid of weirdness. The novel’s narrator is a veterinary assistant who leaves Buenos Aires to look for her lover in Open Door, which is both the name of a town and a psychiatric hospital. It’s an impressively controlled story where, as a reader, you have to cling on to the plot by following the sentences as closely as possible: the sentences are deliberately unshowy so that plot twists can unfold in the quietest ways. To avoid giving away the plot and to dispel any notions of dullness, the critic Oscar Guardiola-Rivera’s afterword may be helpful here: “There is a lot of sex and violence in Open Door, but it is never gratuitous.”»

La nota completa puede leerse acá.

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